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A dream of motorcycles

So I was asleep last night (of course), and dreaming that I was getting a motorcycle, which I could ride to work and ride down the Pacific Coast Highway and all that. It seemed a perfectly reasonable and desirable idea, although I remember Greg H. in my dream criticizing me for wanting some a fancy, larger BMW before starting out on a smaller street bike. I even remember in my dream thinking that once I woke up, I was going to have to start investigating how one goes about getting a motorcycle and learning to drive it.

Then I dreamed I was starting to wake up, and the whole idea seemed ridiculous, and I remember thinking in my dream that some people would dream about getting a motorcycle and hold on to the dream once they woke up, but I was already discounting it even while I was still dreaming. Which seemed very odd to me ...

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You were having meta-meta dreams.

Long ago, when he was still alive (of course) I had a friend named Eddie. Eddie was 5'2" and had lived most of his life in The Bronx before moving to SF. He fancied himself quite the butch thing. (As I once told him, “Honey, you'll die with the secret.”) One night, he had a dream of riding a motorcycle.

So he signed up for lessons. Oh the hoopla! Oh the preening! Mr Man was gonna be a hot motorcycle stud.

Then he learned one very important prerequisite: you have to know how to ride a bicycle first. Apparently they don't even state that in the prerequisites. HI-larious.

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You have a strong sense of reality:)

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I've always wanted to do that on one of those large cruiser motorcycles where you have back support, LOL

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A dream within a dream.? You are an introvert alright :) Way to go!