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There's a memorial gathering to celebrate the life of Jim Cunningham, on Saturday, July 27, from 4 to 7.   If you knew Jim and would like to attend, get in touch with me.

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Jim's funeral mass is tomorrow (Wednesday June 12) at St Clement Catholic Church, 750 Calhoun Street, Hayward at 10:30am. Burial will follow at Holy Sepulchre Cemetery, 26320 Mission Blvd., Hayward.

The medical examiner still hasn't released a report, from what I can tell, but it may be revised from the doctor's initial conclusion that it was a beating -- it could have been a really bad fall, and he hit his head in a way that made it appear like he had been beaten. Having broken my leg from a fall on a sidewalk, I can find this believable. But no conclusions yet.
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Our friend Jim Cunningham passed away this morning, after being beaten senseless in the Castro last week while out walking his dog and never regaining consciousness. We'll remember Jim as a sweet, smart and funny guy who loved country music, the Monkees and Prince. One of our fondest memories of him is when we vacationed together in Las Vegas with our friend Gregg, and had one of the best meals of our life at a very fancy steakhouse in the MGM Grand, and then saw a Cirque de Soleil show. Rest in peace, Jim ...


Mar. 11th, 2013 09:57 am
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That was the strongest earthquake I've ever felt!
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And since it's my birthday, I'm going to make an effort to get back into Live Journal. Just been stressed out these past three or four months, what with the mom thing, money worries, tenant issues, health, work, life, the universe, everything ...
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Hey, SF-area LJers ... [ profile] erstexman will be in town this weekend, and I'll be showing him the sights and stuff, but more importantly there's an LJ dinner Saturday night at Firewood in the Castro. Just be there by 7 p.m. and join us!
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My online pal Linas draws posters for the national Blowoff dances thrown by Rich Morel and my buddy Bob Mould ... and he asked me to pose for one! So here I am, immortalized in his art.

Click here to see me ... )

I've had that shorty union suit for 17 years ... Jack loves the way I look in it.

Thanks, Linas!
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Well, I am going out to Tennessee, at the end of the month. Will be there to help clear up my mom's mess, overlapping with my brother for a weekend and with my sister for most of a week.

Fortunately both of them are on top of things, which is good, because I still feel like an emotional wreck.
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Just talked with my brother about going back to Tennessee to get our mother's finances squared away. He wants me to join him and my sister so we can put up a united front, but, unfortunately, the week they've chosen is the week after Thanksgiving. It's difficult for me to travel non-rev (standby) then, because of the elevated holiday traffic, and if I buy a ticket, I'll be paying a premium because it is such a busy travel week. Plus, I'm scheduled to work that week, and not just my shift, but a co-worker's as well, because of the regular shift trade I have going on. And if I trade away my shifts for the following week to get that week off, I'm pretty much giving up the time scheduled for our Christmas celebration ... so for the third (fourth?) year in a row, no Christmas tree. Also, I had told him that week wasn't good for me, but they chose it anyway, because I guess it was better for them.

The symbolic value of a "united front" may not happen.
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Feeling a bit better. Growing less mad at my mother, and more mad at the scam artists who took advantage of her.

However, if she fights in any way our plans to make sure this doesn't happen again ...
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So I was working out today at FitnessSF, the former Gold's Gym here in San Francisco, and listening to music on my iPod nano watch, when it struck me, with all the dance music blaring, that I was probably the only person to ever exercise there while listening to Henry Mancini's soundtrack to Hatari!


More of my co-workers at Virgin are pregnant. Another co-worker had half of a sandwich she didn't want, and asked the pregnant co-workers if they wanted it, and they said no, they're not supposed to eat processed sandwich meat while they're expecting, because of the nitrites.

"Of course, once they're born," one of them said, "all those kids will eat is baloney and Lunchables."
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Drove back to San Francisco yesterday after a week in Palm Springs with Jack. It'll be my last time driving for a while -- Virgin starts up flights again on Thursday.

About 275 miles into the 500-mile trip, at Kettleman City on I-5, there's a billboard for the Winchester Mystery House in San Jose. I'm always glad to see this -- makes me feel like I'm in the bay area again, even with 225 miles to go.
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Oh dear. Can the Project Runway judges send no one to Fashion Week? Because they all suck.
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On this solemn occasion, I would like to state uncategorically:

I ... am a gay homosexual.

I am The Ghey.

Light in the loafers, limp-wristed, nelly ... that's me.

Heterosexuality ... that's right out. It's not for me! Because I'm a fairy. A big 'mo.

Let there be no mistake!

New photos

Aug. 18th, 2012 11:47 am
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Just added new photo pages to our web site: Bear Week in Provincetown, seeing Jack's friends and family, a Giants game in the Virgin America loft, Lauren and Adrian's wedding, and Las Vegas trip. They're on our bearcooks site:
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Well, finishing up another week here in Palm Springs. My schedule at Virgin is one of the best I’ve ever worked … back at SFO, I work five 12-hour days, then get nine days off. Gives me plenty of time to drive down here to be with Jack, who’s here full-time now, and once Virgin resumes flying down here in October, it’ll be even easier, with just booking myself a seat and hopping aboard a plane. (We do have reciprocal travel agreements with other airlines, but it’s more involved to book seats on them.)

Back in SF, our house is now rented, and while I’m up there working, I stay at a nearby friend’s spare bedroom, as part of a room exchange. When he wants to come down to the desert to relax, and when his own house is rented out down here, he’ll stay with us. It’s working out fine so far.

In July we’re heading back east to Bear Week at P-town, and also see Jack’s relatives in upstate NY, whom he hasn’t seen in six years. Hope to also see a bunch of LJ friends while we’re back east, like [ profile] jarlsberg71 and [ profile] quirkstreet and [ profile] greatbearmd. As usual, we’re sharing our house in P-town with Joe and Bill ([ profile] bearbeat), and new roommates Ken and Jon.

And that’s about where we stand right now.

Great work schedule, with a “vacation” every other week.
Jack down here full-time, programming from home.
House in SF all fixed up (finally!) and rented out, to a nice couple of bears.
Have a place to stay in SF when I’m there (and it even has a view of the ocean).
Vacation coming up next month.

Life is sweet! We’ve been very blessed, and we’re very grateful.
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Looks like with DOMA being found unconstitutional, the stock footage of Jack and me getting hitched in SF City Hall back in 2004 was on the NBC nightly news last night. Friends messaged, "I saw you guys getting married on television!"

Yeah, old news. We don't get royalties.

* * *

Today at work, my "work wife" hugged me and said, "I love my gays. I collect them, like Pokemon ... and pit them one against the other."
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Oh my, this has really taken on a life of its own:

Also popped up on the Fail Blog, where commenters agreed it was a WIN.

I didn't create the sign -- a co-worker did -- but I did post it to Facebook first, and it's evidently been tweeted thousands of times now.
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Just updated my iPhone for the first time in ages ... and lost all my contacts. Same thing happened to Jack a while back.

If you know me, and have my number, could you text me a message with your name and contact info?
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It's odd, commuting to SF to work. I'll be getting into town on every other Wednesday afternoon, in preparation for working an intensive Thursday-Monday schedule of 12:30 p.m. to around midnight. Then I'll travel down again to Palm Springs on Tuesday for a week down there, then back up here on the following Wednesday. So I'll only be able to enjoy social life in San Francisco every other Wednesday evening.

So last night I went over to Peter and Tim's in the east bay, for "Taco Wednesday" with them, Neil Heather and Greg Humphrey. We enjoyed lovely homemade guacamole and tacos, watched TV (the new Betty White show in which elderly folks prank young people isn't very good) and caught up. I'm now in work mode, and won't be social again until Tuesday evening, when I'm down again in PS with [ profile] qbear.

I think I can maintain this schedule for a while, but we'll see ... once the house is rented and we have some months of rent under our belt, we'll re-evaluate and maybe I'll move down to PS full time.

(Speaking of Betty White, I had a dream last night that I was watching an episode of the Mary Tyler Moore show in which Ted Bessell, Mary's boyfriend for 2-3 episodes late in the series run, falls out of a window onto some electrical lines, which were converging into sort of a spiderweb shape. Almost immediately these half-dozen suited businessmen appeared, crawling over the wires like spiders, to devour the hapless boyfriend. What does this mean??)
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